About the Firm

Shambee Law Office has represented many clients in Copyrights & Trademarks, Criminal Defense, Family Law and various other areas of civil litigation. Shambee Law Offices has taken on large cases in federal court and state court alike. In the many civil cases handled through the office, Shambee Law has secured settlements on behalf of its clients, placing the client in a better position than before.

Shambee Law makes sure that it keeps its clients well-informed of their particular matter and has helped navigate its many clients through the various pitfalls of the legal system. Shambee Law does not only look to reduce or negotiate deals, but we look to win using all its available resources. Shambee Law has helped many client to dismiss their criminal cases or obtain a large judgement with civil cases. Shambee Law pays great attention to details knowing that is where the devil lies.

Shambee Law exercises precision and efficiency with each matter it handles, making sure the client leaves not only happy, but also whole. Shambee Law consists of a diverse group of professional and experienced attorneys ready to take on any matter and claim victory.

If you are in need of a law firm that puts YOU first, give Shambee Law a call.